Dr Terry H Wynne Three Generations Of Optometrist

Dr Terry H Wynne

Many people take their eyes for granted. They think that because they have good vision now, there is no need for an eye exam. I have seen this kind of thinking, cause people major problems that could have been avoided with regular eye exams.

My name is Dr Terry H Wynne, I have been practicing optometry for more than 48 years. My family has been practicing optometry for three generations.

It started in 1889, my grandfather DR. T. H. Wynne,Sr., opened a practice in Cochran, Georgia.

He was a graduate of Parson's Horological Institute, in the department of optics in La Porte , Indiana.

The practice moved to Griffin Georgia in 1904, and in 1929 my father Dr Terry H Wynne, Jr., joined my grandfather's practice. my father graduated from Columbia University.

A third generation of optometry began when I graduated from The Southern College of Optometry and joined my father in his practice in 1961.

Ingenious Innovations

My father and grandfather were always inventing things. They could have achieved great financial success with some of there inventions, but there patients always came first, and they choose to dedicate their career's to their practice.

One of my father's favorite hobbies was photography. He noticed that several of the camera lenses were coated for anti-reflections. He went to the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta Ga., and asked them if they could help identify the photo lens coating on the camera lenses.

It was in the 60's when my father started in-house anti-reflective coating. He would apply a magnesium fluoride coating to his patient's lenses and had a spherical vacuum jar in which he placed the lenses for coating. The vacuum jars contained racks where he would place the lenses and turn them while they were being coated. The result was a lens with anti-reflective coating.

To my knowledge my father and I were the only optometrist in the country applying anti-reflective coatings to lenses. For several years, as a service to our patients we would charge two dollars to coat each lens.

Bausch and Lomb came to us and asked if we would apply our anti-reflective coating to there lenses. And we provided this service to them for several years.

Eventually Bausch and Lomb took over the procedure that my father and I invented. It could have been very profitable for us to continue with the coatings, but we chose to dedicate our services to our patients.

I've seen major changes in the eye care industry over the years. I sometimes wonder what my grandfather (first licensed optometrist in Georgia) would think.

Since my two son's have chose to pursue other ventures in life, It got me to thinking how can I keep my family legacy going.

I started doing research on building a website for my business, when I decided that this would be a perfect way for me to carry on my family practice.

So with the help from my son we are building the most complete vision based website on the internet. I hope I can provide you with the same quality and accurate information that I have I have given my loyal patients. I want to earn your trust and will do my best, providing you this service.

Thank you,

Dr Terry H Wynne

My private practice web site is griffin-eyecare.com

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